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My name is Neda.
I graduated opera and concert singing from Tchaikovsky National music Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine. After charming Kyiv, I spent some time in adorable Italy to pursue my interest in singing and vocal exploration. And, finally, I went back home to continue “sharpening my saw by hand”.

It’s not a secret, all professional musicians, particularly singers, sooner or later come to the point when they need to stand up alone without reliable precious teachers to responsibly and independently produce vocal sounds and art applying the best they learned. Not an easy task at all!

Well, to be honest, up to the present moment, I continued practicing hard, exploring, listening and observing dozens of different singers and performers (musicians, actors, or just an ordinary people, nature). I continue using good principles and applying new ones, that I found work well in reality. And, throughout these 23 years behind, I verified several “must do” instructions that help me stick to the singing professional plan, almost like a mission statement card:

– Train day to day
– Record me whenever I can
– Listen very carefully and analyze
– Share my recordings with trustful listener, my reliable second pair of ears (discuss, and at times, improve faster certain points of my performance than when discussed internally with myself – my ears can’t notice everything)
– Keep my vocal asset ready to perform well at any moment
– Encourage, support my music colleagues. Collaborate.
– Stay open to new music experiences

I grew up with classical, pop, rock, jazz, traditional Slavic, Balkan and sacred music. Always very excited to broaden my music horizons, besides classical music, I tried myself in jazz and in beautiful romances and city songs from the countries I lived in or would like to live lively. These romances and city songs give me great fulfillment and pleasure especially. The new language, culture, style, poetry, surely a lot of new things to grasp in one. Challenging! I adore it.

And, as the most important, I am ready to share with you vocal skills and musical knowledge!

Whoever wants to join me on this beautiful, adventurous path, I would happily help with learning vocal basics, developing a particular vocal area, taking your bathroom singing out to the stage :-), digging out some deeper and refined musical experience as well, or just keeping your voice in good and healthy shape.

Let’s train your voice online and craft together!

Your trainer, Neda.