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Check out how ONLINE VOICE TRAIN works for you:

#1 Goal  Sing your All-time favorite songs confidently

How? Bring your favorite backing track/musical sheet, or we choose it together. We find the most suitable key for your voice, put the musical piece on the right vocal track, and bring the most from the technique and expression.

ResultTogether, we make your singing days count and grow, so you can share your hidden vocal treasure confidently with your dearest listeners, or, simply enjoy yourself, giving your soul the most common recharge, filling it with the great mood for many weeks to come.

#2 Goal Prepare your voice and yourself professionally for public performance

How? You bring chosen musical piece (backing track, sheet), we clean any inaccurate singing leftovers and articulation to the slightest detail, we shape up and align your execution with requested music style, empower your emotional expression, phrasing, we add that personal touch, and highlight a point of difference in your performance, making it thrilling and convincing.

Result – You learn, exercise, and put into practice a “must have“  professional singer’s set of skills.  You train yourself to strive for continuous full engagement of your voice instrument, ears, intellect, and emotions. You start experiencing and delivering high-quality music product and building true professional spirit.  You initiate filling up your vocal proficiency suitcase with great, proven tools, and making your performance attract sustainable music engagements.

Or, you have some different goals, like:

  • Want to expand vocal range?
  • Curious to learn healthy singing habits from the scratch, and make good friendship with your singing voice (and, you would appreciate somebody’s help, finding a good musical piece to practice and move your soul)?
  • Want to improve your singing at current stage (but you are not quite sure what needs to be improved)?

ONLINE VOICE TRAIN gives you a reliable professional support towards reaching your goals successfully.

Our mission is to make you skillful, dedicated singer, powerful in expression and performance, so after our training cycle, you make good use of your lessons, and continue exploring your singing path happily.

Your Online Voice Trainer, Neda is very glad to give you singing lessons in different languages, be it in: ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, ITALIAN or SERBIAN (CROATIAN, BOSNIAN)!

The first session is FREE of charge!


I train via SKYPE.

Timezone is CET Time and zone.

Basic technical requirements for you are: a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and a microphone, or a PC with an inbuilt camera (audio and video enabled).

Please contact me through the online contact form for additional information –  rates, detailed terms & conditions, available sessions.

Let your voice stay in great shape.


You trainer, Neda